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Top-5 Chinese commercial bank delivers financial services at massive scale

  • 15,000 dailiy batch jobs


    daily batch jobs

  • 100+ systems managed

    100+ systems


  • slashed batch windows


    batch windows

Business Challenge

Already a top-five bank in China and still growing fast, Bank of Communications operates 2,800+ domestic banking locations and another dozen institutions around the world. To meet rising customer demand for its financial services, IT has reinvented enterprise scheduling to ensure on-time completion through standardization, centralization, and automation. IT runs more than 15,000 batch jobs daily across a heterogeneous environment that encompasses 100+ systems with IBM® z/OS®, UNIX, and Microsoft® Windows® platforms.

BMC Solution

Control-M enables the bank to automate the management of dynamic and static workloads across physical, virtual, and cloud environments; respond to service demands in real time; and automatically map workloads to IT task priorities. Batch Impact Manager empowers IT to analyze the business impact of specific job errors that might occur within the 15,000 jobs run each day.

Business Impact

The Control-M solutions integrate easily with the bank’s complex infrastructure to provide single-point management for workload automation and scheduling across multiple platforms and applications.
  • Real-time coordination of workloads with complex dependencies across operating systems and platforms has dramatically reduced errors and operational delays.
  • Automatic triggering of a batch job as soon as the preceding one is completed has eliminated wait times and shortened batch windows.
  • Increased efficiency has reduced staffing requirements, enabling four operators per shift to handle all batch workloads.
  • Insight into the business impact of job errors enables the IT staff to closely align routine IT processes with business needs.

“Centralized management, along with BMC’s rich experience and best practices, has given the bank a solid foundation and the flexible support it needs to grow and expand.”

— Xiu Yong Chun, Data Center Senior Manager, Bank of Communications

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