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Client Management 12.x: Inventory Manager

This 3.5-day training class has been designed for BMC Client Management users who need to learn how to configure BMC Client Management Inventory Manager to automate their inventory process, but do not need instruction on BMC Client Management Patch Manager. This hands-on training class will teach you to effectively discover, inventory, and maintain a comprehensive hardware and software inventory of your complex IT environment. This is accomplished through in-depth configuration and best practice instruction.

Included in this course is an optional examination for BMC Accredited Administrator: BMC Client Management 12.x Inventory Manager.

Major release:

Client Management 12.x

Good for:

Administrators, Architects

Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led | 28.00 hours

Course Modules

  • Getting Started with Client Management
    • Technical Requirements
    • Architecture
    • Loaded Modules Overview
    • Installation
    • Agent Setup
    • Launching the Console
    • Importing a New License
    • Console Overview
    • Loaded Modules Overview
    • Scheduling Tasks
  • First Steps Using the Console
    • Add a Second Console
    • Device Topology
    • Using Remote Control and Direct Access
    • User Preferences
  • Using Common Client Management Objects
    • Device Groups
    • Creating User Groups
    • Creating an Administrator
    • Connect to Directory Services
    • Creating an Administrator Group
    • Defining a Security Profile
    • Operational Rules Overview
    • Creating and Assigning Operational Rules
    • Creating Reports
  • Agent Rollout
    • Agent Rollout Overview
    • Executing Asset Discovery via the Wizard
    • Scheduling Tasks
    • Creating an Agent Rollout via the Wizard
    • Launching the Agent Rollout Wizard
    • Initiating Rollouts on Discovered Devices
    • Monitoring a Rollout
    • Rollout Server Page
    • Modifying the Rollout Properties
    • Uninstalling the Agent
  • Understanding Inventories
    • Inventories Overview and Types
    • Updating Inventories
  • Viewing Inventories Using the Console
    • Viewing Inventories Overview
    • Viewing Inventory Data for One Device
    • Viewing Inventories for a Device Group
    • Saving Console Data for a Device Group
    • Viewing the Inventory History
  • Generating Inventories
    • Generating Inventories Overview
    • Hardware Inventory Using Op Rules
    • Modify the Hardware Inventory INI File
    • Software Inventory Using Op Rules
    • Security Settings Inventory Using Op Rules
    • Custom Inventory Using Op Rules
    • Custom Inventory from CSV File Import
  • Software Management
    • Software Management Overview
    • Adding an Application to the Catalog
    • Creating a Schedule Template
    • Setting Up Application Monitoring
    • Using Software License Management
  • Financial Asset Management
    • Financial Asset Management Overview
    • Creating the Initial Record
    • Financial Asset Management Reports
  • Generating Inventories for Unmanaged Devices
    • Executing Asset Discovery via the Wizard
    • Launching the Asset Discovery Wizard
    • Viewing Scan Status
    • Executing Automatic Asset Discovery
    • Executing Configurable Asset Discovery
    • Stopping Asset Discovery
    • Assign a Schedule for Scanning