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Digital Transformaton Playbook: Unleash Growth in the New Economy
Unleash exponential growth in the new economy

A new report from BMC and think tank PSFK provides key insight and actions for organizations as they embark on digital transformation

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Businesses are at a critical juncture—adopt and adapt technology to meet the anytime, anywhere demands of customers, employees, and partners—or risk becoming obsolete.

One of the primary shifts in responding to such demands is the creation and delivery of digital services: mobile-first applications that are intuitive and intelligent, and bring contextual information to people based on who they are, where they are, and what they are trying to do.

New demands require a new approach—one that’s real-time, intuitive, automated, secure, and open. To stay competitive, traditional businesses must transform into digital enterprises. BMC Digital Enterprise Management solutions enable traditional businesses to become digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage.

5 benefits of becoming a modern digital enterprise

Disrupt the disrupters to stay ahead

Compee Effectively

Today’s most innovative companies such as Uber and Airbnb have used social, mobile, cloud, big data, and other technologies to launch new digital services to attract customers. They have embraced the fact that we now live in a digital economy that is dominated by fast-moving enterprises that can launch, manage, and optimize digital services quickly. Enterprises need the right mindset, processes, and tools to rapidly introduce new services to keep up with and surpass digital upstarts.

Surpass the competition with:

Leverage automation to scale your business

The effective use of automation can help companies make the digital transformation required for sustainable competitive advantage. Digital business automation is critical to deliver real-time IT responsiveness that is compliant, consistent, and scalable.

The scale of the challenge and the behind-the-scenes complexity underpinning modern digital services means IT must move beyond the automation of isolated tasks and processes, and head towards a service-wide, more strategic approach.

Improve employee productivity with:

  • Control-M: Accelerate delivery of digital services with simple, unified batch workload management.
  • BladeLogic Server Automation: Reduce deployment failures, and manage complexity and scalability across environments by automating configuration activity.
  • BMC Atrium Orchestrator: Automate common, repeatable tasks to significantly lower costs and reduce risk associated with manual interactions.

Control costs and manage capacity to optimize your investments

Lower Costs

Dramatic growth in new digital services has led to more complex IT infrastructures and a need to scale. Businesses are provisioning new IT environments at a breakneck speed but must be careful to keep costs under control. Left unchecked, the growth in assets can lead to unnecessary cost and wasted resources. By contrast, insufficient capacity in key areas can directly impact service quality and put a business’s reputation at risk.

Optimize your resources with:

Protect your company’s brand from hackers

Defend Against Attack

Attacks by hackers have been increasing in frequency and sophistication to gain entry into corporate networks. The results of such attacks are not limited to only the data that is accessed. Corporations who maintain confidential employee, customer, and partner data can also have their brands tarnished if data is lost, and may be subject to large fines. The efforts to repair a brand can often times require more effort, and ultimately cost more, than the original hack itself.

Defend your business reputation with:

Deliver an exceptional digital workplace for employees

Attract & Retain Talent

Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) will form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. Enterprises need to get serious about meeting their expectations in the workplace. These employees are proficient in all the technologies at their disposal, and they demand greater freedom in managing where, how, and when they work. Attracting and retaining the millennial workforce has become a top priority for many forward-looking enterprises.

Improve employee satisfaction with:

“By leveraging BMC technology, we increase our abilities by two orders of magnitude. We’re able to do 7 to 10 thousand servers in a day. If we wouldn’t have had this capability, we would be practically dead.” — Sorin Manta, Managing Director, Bank of Montreal