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With the pervasiveness of mobile and digital technologies, customer expectations are driving retailers to think and act differently.

From “showrooming” to beacons, disruptive technology will continue to blur the lines between online and brick‑and‑mortar establishments and make omni-channel retailing the norm as vendors strive to deliver an experience that will win and retain customers.

Learn how BMC can enable you to compete and thrive in the rapidly evolving world of retail.

Solution Brief: Digital Transformation in Retail

igital Transformation in Retail

Business drivers behind Retail IT

To compete with online retailers, brick–and–mortar stores are looking to provide shoppers with a more personalized and engaging experience.


Traditional retailers are increasingly leveraging in-store sensors, or beacons, in conjunction with customers’ smartphones to provide contextual, proximity-based customer engagement. As with all in-store technology, however, IT must ensure that the necessary infrastructure components are available and functioning properly in order to deliver the desired customer experience.

IT challenges:

  • Identifying and managing critical infrastructure components
  • Ensure availability of key digital services
Solutions for in-store technology management:

With an emphasis on the showroom experience, retailers are leveraging mobile technology to free up salespeople to engage with customers wherever they are on the showroom floor.


With the rapid adoption of cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) systems, mobile sales representatives need access to information on whatever device they use. Meanwhile, management wants to boost staff productivity, drive customer satisfaction, and build customer loyalty with more human and social interaction.

IT challenges:

  • Enabling and empowering a mobile salesforce
  • Provide real-time service status
Solutions for empowering the mobile user:

Retailers are working rapidly to provide an “omni-channel” purchasing experience to sustain a continuous connection with their customers.


To facilitate an experience where a purchase begun online can be completed in-store and vice versa, organizations need to bring together many disparate back-end systems to deliver the frictionless purchasing experience customers expect.

IT challenge:

  • Integration of data and workflows from multiple business locations, functions, and applications
Solutions for omni-channel integration:

Today’s retailers are expected to provide online access to everything from calorie counts to instruction manuals.


Collecting, storing, and serving up data in the most effective and efficient manner is a challenge for many retailers. Data management solutions need to help ensure product - as well as customer and business - data is available and responsive to support non-stop research requests and just-in-time decisions about reviews, inventory, in-store promotions, and pricing.

IT challenges:

  • Proactive capacity and performance monitoring
  • Transaction tracking across systems and subsystems
Solutions for data management:

As customers turn to social networks, the web, and mobile apps to inform their purchases, retail IT services have to be fast and stable to ensure the retailer remains relevant throughout the purchase process.


Customers not only expect new digital services, they expect them to be available, perform well and ultimately, improve their purchase experience. These expectations require IT to not only be innovative in their offerings but also ensure the back-office systems necessary to provide critical data and fulfill the purchase transaction are stable, available, and efficient.

IT challenge:

  • Ensure the performance and availability of back-end systems

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