IBM’s zIIP for Mainframe Explained
BY Jim DeeJim Dee

  As a follow-up to Phil Grainger’s post about zIIP offload, I thought it was worth spending a few moments to focus on the characteristics of code that can run on a zIIP as well as code that could suffer minimum performance loss if it was rewritten to … [Read More...]

Cloud Governance vs Cloud Management: What’s the Difference?
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

While clouds have proliferated in enterprise organizations – public, private, hybrid– it has become increasingly important to define strategy around cloud governance and management. A first step in establishing a successful multi-cloud strategy is simply … [Read More...]

What is Infrastructure as Code? IaC Explained
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

Infrastructure as Code, or IaC, is a method of writing and deploying machine-readable definition files that generate service components, thereby supporting the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes. IaC helps IT operations teams manage and … [Read More...]

What is Knowledge Centered Support? KCS Explained
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

In the 21st century, digital is the way of life, especially inside any business or organization. With significant shifts in innovation and productivity, it seems that support functions can barely keep up. While technical support used to be an internal, … [Read More...]

Will My Team Be Ready? Assessing and Addressing Operational Needs for A Successful IT Launch
BY Tom BaudryTom Baudry

Every IT leader wrestles with operationalizing a new software solution or business application for the enterprise. After advocating for the need to secure the budget as well as researching and getting approval for the solution selected, it isn’t a clear path … [Read More...]

DevOps on the Mainframe: Continuous Delivery for Next Gen IT
BY Tina SturgisTina Sturgis

Transforming the digital enterprise isn’t just about mobile apps and ‘cool’ new technologies. That’s a no brainer! Your mainframe applications aren’t going anywhere in the near future. Why?  Here are three main reasons mainframes are here to stay: Their … [Read More...]

IT Alerts: From Operational Trenches to AIOps
BY Patrick CampbellPatrick Campbell

Most enterprises are undergoing rapid digital transformation to keep up with their competition by embracing innovation with new ways to deliver value at greater speeds and lower cost. For example, retail stores and banks are losing their brick and mortar for … [Read More...]

Enterprise Application Software Defined: How Is It Different from Other Software?
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

When we talk about technology, it is sometimes overwhelming to keep on top of new terminology and trends. Enterprise application software (EAS) is a term that we hear often, though it isn’t always easily defined. In general, enterprise application software … [Read More...]

Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools
BY BMC SoftwareBMC Software

The 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools is now available. We believe that due to our enhanced solution capabilities and proven ability to execute, BMC was named a leader for the fourth year in a row! Download Now: 2017 Gartner … [Read More...]

Apache Hive Beeline Client, Import CSV File into Hive
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

Beeline has replaced the Hive CLI in what Hive was formally called HiveServer1. Now Hive is called HiveServer2 and the new, improved CLI is Beeline. Apache Hive says, “HiveServer2 (introduced in Hive 0.11) has its own CLI called Beeline. HiveCLI is now … [Read More...]